Motor Vehicle Accident


  • Identification of PIP and Med-Pay coverages
  • Prompt submission of claims
  • Identification of attorneys and third-party liability information
  • Proper coordination of benefits between PIP/Med-Pay and other health insurers
  • Hospital liens filed in accordance with state law
  • Experienced staff and in-house attorneys negotiate on your behalf


Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) accounts are among the most difficult and time consuming to work. Many times insurance information is unknown when patients present at a facility for treatment. Once identified, MVA insurance must be coordinated with health insurance and third-party liability coverage.

MAMI identifies MVA accounts at the point of registration and works with providers to create assignment logic. Accounts can be assigned immediately or at a later point in the revenue cycle, depending on which is more advantageous to the provider under the laws of their state.

We first try to collect from PIP and Med-Pay. Once those have been exhausted, MAMI staff follows up with health insurance and third-party liability insurance carriers. Many times, health insurance carriers will deny payment for coordination of benefits. We work with patients and their attorneys to resolve coordination of benefit issues and also file hospital liens in accordance with state statute.

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